Summer Reads!

Some people like vacations and tanning during the summer. Not me! Summer is for reading! While I’d love nothing more than to visit some exotic locale or spend my days having afternoon tea and scones or shopping, sometimes a staycation is all  that’s needed to revive your soul after days of work. So crank up the AC and dive into the couch for hours of reading pleasure.

What are you looking forward to reading this summer?

Stephen King has two books coming out! Count me in for both..

Mrmercedes revival stephen king

Mr. Mercedes was released June 4, and Revival has a release date of November 14. Ok that’s technically not summer but it’s Stephen King so it’s ok.

The Truth About Alice by Jennifer Mathieu -- exclusive image

The Truth About Alice by Jennifer Mathieu looks great! The blurbs say it’s about a high schooler named Alice who is bullied and tells her story of how rumors and bullying steamroll into violence.


Sing In the Morning, Cry At Night by Barbara J. Taylor is narrated by an 8-year-old girl who is blamed for a family members death. Who doesn’t love a good book about messed up families?


The Secret Tree by Natalie Standiford is Minty’s story. Her town has a hollow tree where people leave little scraps of paper with  their secrets written down. When Raymond, a new boy in town is also drawn to the tree, he and Minty become friends. It reminds me of one of my favorite websites, PostSecret

Well, these should keep me busy for June. Tell me what you’re reading!

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World Book Night ~ April 23, 2014


I’m so happy to be a book giver away-er this year! My book is:


Hopefully I’ll see you early Wednesday morning and give you a book! Or maybe you’ll be out walking in another city, state, your favorite park and be handed what may become a great adventure for you! If you are giver or a givee let me know!


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Librarians as Dream Keepers

Yesterday a young girl told me that she liked to cook and bake and I said that’s great, me too. And she said that her Aunt was a chef and sometimes she helped in her restaurant. I told her that was great that she could become a pastry chef if she wanted, and have her own bakery or sweet shop, write cookbooks, be a chef on tv.

And she said she didn’t think so, that she could never do anything so high up because she was  just normal.

I was so sad to hear such a young girl feel that she couldn’t follow her dreams because she already felt not good enough. I told her no way, that she could do anything and be anything she wanted. That in the library, she could read all the recipe books she wanted for free, find information on the internet and plan what she wanted to do. At the time I didn’t think to tell her that at the library we often host chefs whose programs are very well attended including the chocolate program we had for Valentine’s Day where there was standing room only in our community room.

Sometimes as librarians we forget that we need to make one-on-one connections with our citizens who utilize the library and to remind them of all the wonderful offerings that are here for the taking. We think that our blogs or flyers or websites do all the communicating for us but that’s not the case I found tonight.

Hopefully my little pep talk worked, because my young friend stayed for our rainbow loom makerspace that night!

This is Jocasta, the librarian from Star Wars. No one messes with her!


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Great Resume Website

Job seekers, check out this great site from Purdue University for their ideas to help improve your resume.

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It’s Back!! Sunday, February 9, 2014!!


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January 29, 2014 · 7:12 am

The YALSA Awards and a Review

If you love YA fiction as much as I do, here is a great list of new award-winning books to add to your reading list. I just finished reading The Scar Boys by Len Vlahos.


Did you want to be in a touring band when you were in high school? Of course you did. So did I. Harry Jones actually did it. Beginning as a college application essay, he  details his traumatic past; how bullies tied him to a tree in a thunderstorm resulting in his being struck by lightning that caused horrific burns on his face and body, how music became the balm for his spirit, his first kiss, and how he toured with his band the Summer he graduated from high school.

I couldn’t put The Scar Boys down; I was drawn to Harry’s voice from the start and was invested in what happened to him. The book is set in the 1980’s and each chapter title is also a famous  punk rock song title by groups like the Ramones.  Reading stories of being on the road and playing at CBGB’s was very exciting too.

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The Polar Vortex

Does that sound scarier than a Sharknado? I think so. There’s way too much white stuff on the ground and really cold and not even the end of January. I will for sure get a flu shot next flu season; here’s me right now:


But on the bright side, it’s perfect weather for soup! I love soup and can eat it everyday. I found lots of great recipes on Pinterest. My favorites are chicken noodle, Italian wedding soup and mushroom barley. How about you?


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